Top 10 Data Visualization Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

It is no brainer that data visualization has turned into an effective weapon for organizations across the globe to have a comprehensive understanding of the trends, market demands, and the best possible nooks of improvement. Subsequently, over the years, business leaders have been relying on effective and efficient data visualization tools to achieve all their long-term business goals. However, with the ever-increasing amount of data, the task of turning raw data into insights has become more complicated—for several reasons.

Due to this uncontrolled influx of data, it has become difficult for the players across diverse industry verticals to maintain the data quality. This hampers businesses’ capability of making accurate and timely decisions—undermining the fundamental purpose of data visualization. Apart from this, a lot of business houses still operate based on siloed data, which is a significant source of inefficiency. To break data silos, businesses need to have the capability of integrating data from different sources (including real-time data), curating those, and leveraging dashboards as well as mobile platforms in everyday activities.

In the face of these challenges, organizations need to go a step further than just implementing cutting-edge software tools. They have to look for a proper partner who will be able to provide them with necessary IT services and support for ensuring the data quality. Additionally, oftentimes, businesses struggle to manage all their diverse investments. By working in liaison with an efficient partner, organizations can overcome this quandary, which, in turn, will accelerate the generation of quality data.

With a comprehensive understanding of these requirements, CIOReview has compiled a list of the 10 Most Promising Data Visualization Consulting/Service Companies to guide organizations in harnessing the power of new-age technologies and experts to improve their efficiency.

We are glad to feature California-based xFusion Technologies as our cover story. Providing a full range of IT services and solutions and undertaking a holistic approach, the company seamlessly addresses the three roadblocks that obstruct the effective realization of data visualization: integration, interoperability, and insight. Moreover, based on four cornerstones—leadership, innovation, integrity, and commitment—the company has set out on the mission of serving its clients in the best possible manner.

Additionally, we are featuring Pennsylvania-based Info-Matrix as one of the leading data visualization service companies. Established in 1996, this private, Women Owned Small Business (WOSB) provides end-to-end IT solutions and offers businesses its advanced data tools for digital transformation, data analytics, and business intelligence.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeve, these firms are constantly proving their mettle in the Data Visualization Consulting/Service realm.                                                           

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Data Visualization Consulting/Service Companies 2019.”

    Top 10 Data Visualization Consulting/Service Companies

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    Info-Matrix provides offers services in consulting, project management, business systems engineering and data management. Navigating through the ecosystem of the enterprises , they examine large disparate data sets to provide solid data strategies. They perform Big Data Analytics,Bussiness Intelligence, data migration, and data governance for enterprises.They conduct these services through the practices of data visualization, data conversion and reconciliation, predictive analytics / ML, master data management, and trend analysis. Info-Matrix also has a set of market-leading tools and interactive dashboards which helps to visualize data and provides actionable insights for making businesses rethink their operational processes, and improve their efficiency ,and accuracy

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    LCM Group specializes in providing innovative products and services in the areas of Network, IT and Enterprise LifeCycle Management. They help to identify, analyze, visualize and research business assets and its related budgets information to optimize strategic decision making, and financial efficiency while reducing technical, financial, operational and security risks. Their data analysis capabilities, technologies and algorithms are flexible and applicable to fulfilling various needs of customers. Their service combines the reports and technologies with high speed, accuracy and alignment to boost enterprises to better manage their life-cycle assets

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    Established in 2008, Unity Studios is a development and consulting company of interactive 3D applications that primarily work with the Unity® technology. They create customized solutions for supporting and optimizing their clients’ value chain. They offer leading-edge services in virtual training, data visualization, sales and marketing, Research and Development, innovation and , product development. When it comes to their data visualization service, they can create a virtual world tailored for the data visualization needs. They can make it interactive in real time, adding a third dimension , enabling a wide space to work with visually, and help to produce more compelling results and comparisons

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    xFusion Technologies offers the industry-best solutions and services that assists clients to integrate, visualize, and master data. They offer a comprehensive suite of services in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Legacy Systems Modernization, Custom Product Development, Outsourced Product Development, and Data Engineering. They have an innovative digital platform called " xAQUA ®" whose capability they offer as a service .Relying on the four cornerstones that define the company’s services for their clients, which includes leadership, innovation, integrity, and commitment, they have served many public and private sector organizations and helped them to generate desired bussiness outcomes

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    BISP Solutions

    BISP Solutions

    Founded in 2012, BISP Solutions is an IT consulting company , delivering cutting-edge services in EPM, BI and Data Visualization Technologies in a cost-effective way. It holds a track record of providing customized services for fulfilling diverse business goals along with ensuring flexibility and ease in their deployment. Based on the 5C's -Commitment, Collaboration, Consistent, Cost-Effective and Customized, BISP focuses on the areas of Enterprise Performance Management, Business Intelligence, CRM Services, Application Development, Data Migration, and Support. They have extent of clientele ranging from Fortune 100 to mid-sized companies who , they help to build their revenue-generating data infrastructure

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    Computer Technology Resources

    Computer Technology Resources

    CTR, a system integration enterprise , that implements standard out-of-the-box solutions and support to businesses worldwide. It has a wide array of innovative and high-end services , specialising in the areas of Cloud ERP Applications-both Oracle NetSuite and Oracle ERP Cloud ,Hosted Cloud Solutions on both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Mobile Application development, Infrastructure and Architecture Consulting ,Business Analytics, and Big Data solutions. Having a strategic relationship with Amazon Web Services, Tableau and Oracle has empowered them to be the first company to successfully implement Oracle E-Business Suite in an AWS Virtual private cloud model

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    Cornerstone Solutions Group

    Cornerstone Solutions Group

    Cornerstone Solutions Group , is a company dedicated to transforming and empowering to deliver businesses results. Following their proven methodology –"align , design, empower" ,they provide a complete suite of services which helps businesses to drive data, strategies, analytics and software of businesses. Evaluating the internal applications of their clients which generate data, they organize normalize the data to provide actionable insights, in order to store ,govern, and garner it to produce the best possible outcomes. They ensure that they can provide clients an easy access to data without analysts or IT support to gear up their decision making power

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    Founded in 1999, ERPA, is a leader in the industry of managed services and managed projects. They provide services which are highly scalable, responsive, and elastic. Having the differentiation of being an Oracle Gold Partner, they basically specialize in PeopleSoft, BI/Analytics, Big Data, and Oracle Cloud. providing Their data visualization tools and frameworks helps businesses communicate their strengths and opportunities in a comprehensive manner. Their team have created personalized and interactive visualizations and operational dashboards to help the campaigns effectiveness of clients and track the status of the job runs across different platforms, projects and applications. In addition, they also help enterprises avoid data leakage through their IT Vulnerability Scans Analysis

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    RBA is a digital- technology consultancy focused on strategy, design, and technology. Their specialized areas of focus are -custom and cloud applications, digital experience, cloud infrastructure, modern workplace, data and analytics,B2C and B2B commerce, DevOps and CRM. With their meaningful reporting, analytics, and intelligence, they help organizations in data visualization and dashboard design, measurement and insights, database solutions designs, data integration and data warehousing. Their data- visualization tool called Power BI can validate data to find data anomalies. All in all, they aim to help clients make sense of the data which can drive their bottom line

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    Visual BI Solutions

    Visual BI Solutions

    Visual BI is a fast growing firm that concentrates primarily on business intelligence and analytics. They offer end-to-end BI services, including real-time BI, self-service BI, mobile BI, and predictive analytics. They use an innovative user-driven, and top-down approach . Their specialties include SAP BI/BW, SAP Business Objects, SAP HANA and SAP BPC, and visualization tools like SAP Dashboards, SAP Lumira, Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, and others.They not only analyze large data generated by sensors, social media and third party data sources but also integrate them effectively with enterprise BI systems to predict outcomes.They can also help to define, evaluate and rationalize the right data and analytics strategy