20 Most Promising Data Visualization Solution Providers - 2016

20 Most Promising Data Visualization Solution Providers - 2016

In the current dynamic business environment, data— structured and unstructured, is growing exponentially. SMB’s often face difficulties in visualizing the amount of meaningful data, maintaining a balance between in-depth information, and focus on the related metrics. To make their way through this maze of data and make better-informed decisions, enterprises today, are adapting new methods powered by the concept of Data Visualization.

 In present age of big data, data visualization plays an integral role in helping enterprises efficiently manage data, identify relevant information, and eliminate irrelevant items from the walloping amount of data. With this agile data integration approach, customers gain visualization of relationships and trends on interactive dashboards, which automatically drives the user’s attention to important data in business operations. Data visualization solutions use intelligent algorithms based on neutral networks to perform their task. This functionality automatically maps the data from heterogeneous sources and creates a virtualized layer over the source data, enabling organizations to detect unexpected events occurring within their user’s data.

With this effective and improved version of visualization solution enterprises can gain better business insights, respond faster to the ever changing analytics and BI, and save over 50-75 percent data replication and consolidation incidents.

In an effort to help the business leaders and CIOs find the right solution provider for their enterprises, a team of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with CIO Review’s editorial board has evaluated scores of data visualization solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

We present to you CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Data Visualization Solution Providers 2016.

Company Name

Company Description

AnyChart Provides cross-platform data visualization solutions
Boost Labs Provides innovative full stack visualization services for private, public, and nonprofit industry clients
Cadeon Inc Provides solution consulting and system integration in visualization, data virtualization, content analytics, agile data warehousing, and enterprise information architecture
Crunch Data, Inc Provides solutions for data visualization to ensure BI readiness
datapine GmbH Develops highly scalable SaaS tool that revolutionizes the way of performing database analysis by making even complex functionalities available to non-technical persons
Diamond Visionics Provides cutting-edge image-generation software and visualization tools for training and simulation, mission rehearsal, and homeland security
Enthought, Inc Provides easy installation of the core scientific analytic and scientific Python packages, creating a robust platform to explore, develop, and visualize
ERNESTO OLIVARES VISUAL INFORMATION Customizing infographics tool to provide the best visual solutions.
FTI Technology A global provider of e-discovery and information governance software, services and consulting
Genialis Builds end-to-end bioinformatics software solutions by combining Biomedical data management, Customizable data analysis pipelines and Interactive visualizations
i.Predictus LLC A provider of automated data ingestion and visualization solutions to predict media performance and drive ROI
ICIMO LLC Transforms businesses into data-driven organizations by building profitable relationships between users and their data
Interactive Network Specializes in the development of graphics toolkits and graphics intensive applications
Interstates Control Systems, Inc Interstates helps to collect transactional data through historical records and other data collection tools and transforms them into ready-to-use visual forms
iVEDiX Offering a social media integrated application to solve complex data challenges, visually.
Pellucid Analytics Provides a content platform blended with technology and industry-leading expertise, design, and advisory services
Seabourne, Inc Provides data integration, consolidation, and visualization tools
Seed Scientific Leverages big data to craft solutions, fuel innovation, and improve decision-making for clients around the world in the commercial, public, and social sectors
Vizonomy LLC A computer software company delivering product management, geospatial data analysis/ visualization and web application development services
Zebra BI Provides data visualization solutions as tools for Excel which simplifies a company’s requirement for reporting and managing data