Strategic Business Decisions Consulting: A Modern Approach to Data Visualization

Barry Massoudi, Managing Partner
Many organizations today leverage tools such as Microsoft Power BI or Tableau to visualize data, build cloud-based interactive dashboards, and make better, faster business decisions in a more cost-effective manner. Despite the availability of such powerful tools, organizations face challenges in terms of complexity in the dashboards and the need for accurate data at the right time. In addition, even when the data is available, it fails to effectively support decision-making since the presented story is not clear and the insights are not actionable. Strategic Business Decisions Consulting was founded to enable organizations to overcome such issues through its deep understanding of business requirements and technological expertise, with a touch of neuroscience. Bita Massoudi, founder and CEO of Strategic Business Decisions Consulting, built the foundation for the company with the objective of applying new scientific learnings about the human brain and neuroscience to the art of business decision-making.

Bita has a Ph.D. in neuroscience and her background is in advanced research on the functioning of the human brain and memory formation. Her know-how speaks for the unique approach Strategic Business Decisions Consulting takes to enable organizations to exceed their goals with better data visualization and improved dashboards. “Numerous criteria are to be considered to ensure that data visualization is effective and the human brain retains it in memory. Transforming this understanding onto an innovative tool helps us deliver better outcomes on decision-making for organizations,” she adds.

Often, when businesses implement data visualization tools, they overlook the importance of data quality. Gathering the data, cleaning it up, and validating its accuracy and quality is one of the key ingredients that Strategic Business Decisions Consulting takes into account before implementing a solution. While offering compelling visuals as part of the dashboard’s overall narrative, the company’s knowledge of the power of data storytelling, and understanding of the audience, enables them to provide enhanced insights, not just the ability to develop analytics reports.

With ever-evolving trends in every industry, it has become important for enterprises to have dashboards that can be refreshed as data and environments change.
Strategic Business Decisions Consulting has been successfully delivering this ongoing maintenance of the data model for its clients.

With a vision to empower businesses to leverage their data effectively, Strategic Business Decisions Consulting remains a trusted advisor in enabling enterprises to accomplish their goals

Barry Massoudi, Managing Partner of Strategic Business Decisions Consulting, speaks of how their data visualization solutions enable businesses across several industries achieve their business goals. He goes into details about a client that needed to understand their marketing campaigns’ effectiveness. With numerous products and a large number of campaigns ongoing at any point in time, it was challenging for the company to gain insights into their return on marketing investment. Gathering data from their campaign launches and social media, Strategic Business Decisions Consulting enabled the client to better understand their campaign effectiveness through actionable insights thus refocusing spend on the highest ROI channels while nurturing innovation.

With firm roots in the high-tech and telecom industries, Strategic Business Decisions Consulting aims at enabling these clients with additional capabilities that can provide deeper insights. The company is in discussions with clients on leveraging AI and machine learning to utilize their data in more efficient ways. Big data is another area that is of Strategic Business Decisions Consulting’s interest. “If the business data that is growing enormously within companies can be connected, organizations can reap higher benefits,” adds Barry. With a vision to empower businesses to leverage their data effectively, Strategic Business Decisions Consulting remains a trusted advisor in enabling enterprises to accomplish their goals and even more, at a faster rate and make better business decisions.

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Barry Massoudi, Managing Partner and Bita Massoudi, Founder and CEO

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