xFusion Technologies: Transforming Data into Knowledge and Wisdom

Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO
Developed in 1869 by Mendeleev, the periodic table is considered to be one of the earliest efforts in data visualization. It helped transform early research works of scientists and alchemists into a visualized form of elements in the increasing order of their atomic numbers. Patterns arose—leading to the crucial understanding of how each column of elements showed periodically repeating family-like characteristics. Mendeleev converted raw data into visualized information, which led to knowledge that outlines our understanding of chemistry. Modern enterprises, on similar lines, are striving to explore the ‘hidden’ knowledge locked within the data. Achieving this, however, is a daunting task as challenges around data integration and interoperability are only increasing.

Siloed data located in application silos, legacy systems, paper documents, electronic documents, and the web impede an organization’s ability to aggregate, standardize, contextualize, and visualize data. Concerns around data integrity, quality, and source trustworthiness further compound the difficulties. Enter xFusion Technologies, a Sacramento-based company, that offers a full range of IT services and solutions including systems integration, custom project development, big data, and business analytics services.

xFusion Technologies’ data visualization solution approach holistically addresses the three roadblocks obstructing effective realization of data visualization: integration, interoperability, and insight—a quandary they address as ‘3i’.

xFusion’s xAQUA® is an open source-based modern technology platform for Enterprise Integration, Interoperability and Insight (3i). xAQUA® integrates the best of the breed open source software, and frameworks to deliver the Enterprise Integration, service enablement of legacy components, API Gateway, cloud enablement, risk-based security and privacy, Integrated DevOps, digital analytics, and data visualization capabilities.

xAQUA® InfoBus integrates structured, unstructured, and legacy data into a single Operational Data Store (ODS) repository as a Data Lake on NoSQL database and Hadoop platform, creating a highly agile and low-cost solution in the backdrop of their customers’ data warehousing capabilities. The aggregated data undergoes extensive cleansing, harmonization, categorization, and contextualization, improving its quality for effective usage. xAQUA® InfoBus provides the capability to establish API layers on top of the ODS and analytics models and expose the APIs as Data as a Service (DaaS) in a service oriented architecture (SOA) through an API Gateway.
xAQUA® Insight solution platform provides end-to-end capabilities for Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, OLAP, reporting and data visualization. xAQUA® Insight leverages the DaaS APIs built on top of the ODS for data visualization. xFusion’s data visualization solution uses various open Java Script standard-based tools such as D3.JS, Chart.js dynamic, and interactive data visualization solutions in web browsers using open standards—such as SVG, HTML5, CSS—in addition to other COTS data visualization and reporting tools.

xAQUA® is an open source-based cloud-ready platform for rapid enterprise integration, and data visualization in half the time and with 60 percent less resources

Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO of xFusion Technologies highlights the four cornerstones that define xFusion Technologies’ services for each of their customers: leadership, innovation, integrity, and commitment. Summarizing the company’s focal direction, he says, “As IT complexity grows, xFusion will act as a strong pillar that supports several enterprises, progressing further on the path of excellence. Our thrive for continuous research and innovation on modern technologies and architecture practices presents us as a first row thought leader, enabling us to deliver innovative business-technology solutions using modern, disruptive technologies to fulfill our commitments to our customers with the utmost integrity”. xFusion is focused on continuous research and innovation on developing digital solutions using disruptive technologies with the following key goals:

• Enable Agile Implementation – Incremental and Iterative
• Efficient, Rapid Development of Digital Services
• Business aligned Agile and Flexible Technology Architecture
• Cost and Risk Reduction
• Cloud Enablement and Cloud Neutrality
• Maximize use of Open Source and Open Standards
• Security and Privacy (S&P) of Data and Systems

xFusion Technologies

Sacramento, CA

Sanjib Nayak, Founder & CEO

Provides end-to-end solution for data visualization platform that integrates, interoperates, and analyzes data to derive insights

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