Stratifyd: The Next Generation of AI Powered Analytics

Derek Wang, Founder & CEO
Stratifyd is a leading data analytics company that specializes in using the wide range of data from structured and unstructured sources to help businesses gain better information and efficiently create data driven decisions. In the beginning, Founder and CEO, Derek Wang saw a problem. “The traditional process of data analytics had grown to be highly inefficient,” Wang says, “There was so much time and energy required to gain meaningful insight from data that we felt there had to be a better way.” With a PhD in data analytics, Wang intrinsically understands what’s facing analysts and decision makers today when it comes to their stockpile of data. “Through our AI powered analysis, we let the data tell the story so that end users spend more time utilizing the understanding data brings, and less time attempting to determine what’s locked inside their data.”

Stratifyd’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered data analytics platform unifies structured and unstructured datasets from multiple sources and creates valuable business insights instantly, allowing seamless sharing of information among decision makers and stakeholders. Built on patented algorithms that leverage machine learning and Natural Language Processing, Stratifyd’s platform helps data scientists and analysts visualize complex structured and unstructured datasets to empower business decisions.

Stratifyd’s analysis starts with data integration which automatically collects and analyzes data from multiple sources such as proprietary enterprise data, third party sources, and public data. Machine learning eliminates the previous time consuming process of data analysis by automatically cleaning, categorizing, and preparing large amounts of information for analysis. At this stage, Stratifyd relies on data connectors to a wide variety of sources or can even stream data in real time out of Hadoop or SAS infrastructures to perform smart structured and unstructured analysis.

“The insights that drive a business forward now comes from analytics. These departments within Fortune 500 companies, for example, report to so many different people. Their issue is time,” says Wang, “We’ve built a platform that allows them to analyze all of their data, not just samples, in time frames that were unheard of just a few years ago. We understand the efficiency that they truly need and work every day to ensure their job is to understand the insights that are discovered, not simply to find them in the first place.”

Stratifyd focuses on advanced analytics that analyzes every dimension of data available, efficiently and accurately, to reveal rich insights not possible from legacy data analytics techniques. For analysts to easily communicate their findings with colleagues, Stratifyd’s platform also generates interactive data visualizations.

Stratifyd’s AI-powered data analytics platform unifies structured and unstructured datasets from multiple sources and creates valuable business insights instantly

Since data visualization has become a common language among data scientists and decision makers alike, it allows analysts to easily communicate in-depth data insights to every individual that depends on them.

Stratifyd is creating user-centric visualizations and generating enhanced data connectivity to seamlessly analyze and merge complete datasets with common topics, to understand the context in a more complete way. With the AI-powered data analytics platform, clients can customize their visualizations to best fit their requirements, while also creating better interactive reporting capability to make sharing results and collaboration easier.

Joshua Camden, Director of Marketing at Stratifyd believes that by understanding analysts, they can create a product that truly suits them, “We take valuable feedback from our team members that have worked on the analyst level to build a platform that meets and exceeds their needs,” Camden says.

Ally Bank, a Stratifyd client, recently faced the challenge of analyzing thousands of daily chat sessions to receive actionable insight. Through Stratifyd’s platform, they were able to analyze every piece of chat data available in real time, generating daily reports on topics and trends relevant to their goals. Providing clients such as Ally Bank the ability to leverage the complete set of data almost instantly is the cornerstone of what Stratifyd wants to accomplish every day. By empowering analysts to invest their energy interpreting data results rather than exhausting their time in the analysis itself, Stratifyd is working to augment human intelligence.

Recently, Stratifyd acquired a trademark on the term, Augmented Intelligence. They believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will never be a replacement for the human intuition, but advances in technology can expand the capabilities of the human mind by augmenting intellectual might. Analysts will look to further augment their domain knowledge in the future, expecting more from data analytics platforms like Stratifyd’s. Wang, however, is prepared. “While data visualization is the new language that everyone speaks, soon it won’t be enough. Right now it allows the data to tell its own story, but soon that data will need to say more.”


Charlotte, NC

Derek Wang, Founder & CEO and Joshua Camden, Director of Marketing

Provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered data analytics platform that unifies and visualizes structured and unstructured datasets from multiple sources