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John Smith, Director of Business Development
Despite the significant investments that organizations are making to adopt the latest technological marvels,there often remains a persistent gap between the inherent value of a solution and the realization of that promise. Amidst fierce global competition,the difference between the results obtained by adopters lies in an organization’s ability to implement solutions effectively. The lack of a digital strategic plan, including the considerations for change management, process reengineering and outcome optimization, creates a myriad of challenges in deriving the maximum value of a technological set of solutions. At this juncture, business catalysts such as Info-Matrix Corporation, assist clients in developing strategies and executing cross-functional business solutions to implement intelligent technologies. This operationalization of innovative platforms and advanced insights enables data-based decision making throughout an organization to maximize the value of potential outcomes.

Established in 1996, Info-Matrix is a private, woman-owned small business (WOSB), providing enterprise wide technology solutions and services for digital transformation, data management, analytics, and business intelligence.

As a trusted advisor and business partner, Info-Matrix works with organizations to help them unlock the full potential of their resources by visualizing hidden insights in their data sets. “Our clients see us as a trusted advisor, who can understand their micro and macro business drivers to help them achieve their desired business outcomes,” explains Scott Carl, COO of Info-Matrix. Upon engaging a client, Info-Matrix consultants determine the client’s business goals and objectives and supports them in collecting, categorizing, securing, and cleansing data extracted from their enterprise applications. Data is then presented using interactive dashboards to transform raw information into relevant, visually engaging insights.

The Info-Matrix data analytics team actively collaborates with clients to help them utilize their data sets to identify patterns in historical events in order to predict and streamline future operations. This proactive approach helps reinforce confidence in data integrity and devise a plan of action to improve productivity and customer experience. “If the data is accurate and organized, visualization solutions will contribute immensely to the growth of the organization; whereas, low data quality can become a massive liability, leading the organization to make bad decisions,” says John Smith, Director of Business Development. To mitigate such risks, the Info-Matrix data management framework includes improvements to the quality of organizational data. As a pioneer in project management, business systems engineering and data analytics, the firm provides end-to-end solutions that maintain data governance and improve multigenerational data quality for responsive decision-making.
Scott Carl, COO
As analytics are operationalized across an organization, the Info-Matrix team utilizes a continuous support model for advanced insights, striving to systematically improve the client’s technological infrastructure and business operations. By identifying critical and relevant data patterns, business unit teams are enabled to use analytical insights to measure the probability of outcomes in a competitive environment, without the processing time of manual analysis. This capability allows business leaders to quickly identify, interpret, and act based on market changes while still identifying new opportunities to grow.

Our clients see us as a trusted advisor, who can understand their micro and macro business drivers to help them achieve their desired business outcomes

To elaborate on how the company is helping customers improve operational efficiencies, Scott explained how Info-Matrix is working with child welfare organizations to help them neutralize gender bias when determining responsibilities, accountability and developing individual service plans. According to the data, it is primarily the mother who is held responsible for the child’s welfare, thus leading to a biased and incomplete service plan. Info-Matrix has developed intelligence and analytics that helps case workers monitor and identify data anomalies in their practice, thereby enabling them to take immediate actions and eliminate the ‘inherent’ bias. Incorporating these data checks into business processes provides a quality gate to maintain data sanctity. This has also eliminated the need for corrective actions and rework which enables Info-Matrix customers to provide a higher quality of service, ultimately leading to the improvement of the well-being of the vulnerable citizens.

Such success stories—energized with extensive experience in system architecture and design, application programming, system interfaces, data modeling, testing, and system deployments—catapult Info-Matrix to the pole position in the race for data optimization. For the foreseeable future, the firm aims to enhance its business intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities while further improving its existing solutions and services to help companies realize the power of their information.

Info-Matrix Corporation

Camp Hill, PA

John Smith, Director of Business Development and Scott Carl, COO

Info-Matrix provides offers services in consulting, project management, business systems engineering and data management. Navigating through the ecosystem of the enterprises , they examine large disparate data sets to provide solid data strategies. They perform Big Data Analytics,Bussiness Intelligence, data migration, and data governance for enterprises.They conduct these services through the practices of data visualization, data conversion and reconciliation, predictive analytics / ML, master data management, and trend analysis. Info-Matrix also has a set of market-leading tools and interactive dashboards which helps to visualize data and provides actionable insights for making businesses rethink their operational processes, and improve their efficiency ,and accuracy