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Monica C. Smith
Monica C. Smith, CEO of i.Predictus, believes that, “What makes me effective is my capability to prioritize.” As a business chief and a recipient of multiple awards, she believes that the business at i.Predictus is based on this principle and reflective of her inherent traits. “My ability to understand, visualize, and prioritize enables me to accomplish a lot more in the course of a day. I try to imbue these factors into the holistic management practiced at i.Predictus.” Founded in 2011, i.Predictus revolutionizes the data visualization landscape through its wide range of enterprise-class solutions that enable marketers to interpret and utilize data for higher ROI.

Throwing light on the necessity of such solutions, Monica explains, “Despite the growing number of analyst teams, today’s agencies face an inability to measure media’s performance until 7 to 10 days after airing.” Besides the delay in performance tracking, “the media enterprises are bogged down by incorrect data practices. Visualizing inaccurate data is simply making pretty charts,” says Monica. i.Predictus has unveiled a user-friendly media measurement platform, i.Power 3.0, that offers custom data visualization capabilities for the instant understanding of omni-channel marketing outcomes. The interactive and highly visual dashboards are customized as per the customer’s needs to guarantee complete visibility. In addition, the platform visualizes the results by automating data from all sources including media buying systems, retail POS data, and Google analytics in an accurate and streamlined manner. This results in marketers saving countless hours while gaining a collective view of the data. “Our platform is the best solution for allowing clients to obtain a complete picture of their marketing plans and the insights to act upon their data,” says Monica.

i.Predictus further augments the power of their data visualization platform by including optimization and attribution features. “Media planning is complex. Marketing teams need to juggle multiple media outlets across varying campaigns, each with their individual KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), thereby facing confusion and complexity,” says Monica.

Our platform is the best solution for allowing clients to obtain a complete picture of their marketing plans and the insights to act upon their data

Alleviating such a scenario, the company’s optimization solution leverages its proprietary B.E.S.T. (Buy, Evaluate, Sell, and Test) algorithm to synthesize 395 days of past performance at an airing level to predict the performance of the next airing. The instant insight on strategic risks, revenue leakage, and untapped pools of opportunity allows media buyers, planners, and strategists to reallocate investments from predicted non-performing media data to those that will perform.

Over the past four years, the company has helped its clients sail across impediments and unleash their true capabilities. To highlight just one of these cases, a large media agency was found to be utilizing nearly 60 percent of their time in generating detailed reports for their clients. i.Predictus constructed custom dashboards for the agency, based on their unique needs, with intuitive point-and-click functionality in an open sandbox-like environment. This not only enabled the agency to save an incredible 2,500 hours of inefficient employee hours on an annual basis but, even more crucial for the agency’s continuing success, allowed their teams to make use of their time more productively.

In the pursuit of superior data visualization offerings, i.Predictus plans to explore more in the fields of data and predictive retail modeling. “The year 2016 will be even a greater time of expansion for us. Streamlining viewership, competitive spends, and outside impact to drive smarter and faster business decisions will be our focus,” says Monica.

i.Predictus LLC

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Monica C. Smith

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